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About us

Performances and all are made and directed by Marcela Oliveira a native of Rio de Janeiro specialized in Brazilian Carnaval and Brazilian culture.

-All our costume are hand made by the best carnaval designers in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Brazilian Dancers, Samba dancers




  Growing up as a church singer thru modeling and dance schools Marcela started her artistic career as a model and as a runway instructor in 1998 but decided to focus on her passion for dance in 2001. Performing with dance groups an on the beautiful Carnaval of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where her passion for dance grew even more and of course her skills as a costume designer, choreographer and show producer.    
  All of this helped her to expand her talent to United States in 2005. 

On 2007 in Miami, FL. Marcela decided to start her own company based on her Brazilian roots, 'Samba And More Entertainment'.

Moving to LA in 2008 and even going through big life events and changes Marcela continued to focus on make Samba And More Entertainment the most authentic Brazilian culture show. 

In between other amazing creations as part of the 'And More' Marcela created the Samba And More Music Band where she is the main singer, Marcela's Belly Dance Team...

As a producer, creative designer and performer Marcela with the Samba And More Team have been participating in music videos, performances and tv commercials with different tv channels, talented celebrity artists and big brands as CBS, Univision, Snoop Dogg, Demi Lovato, Intel, Dell Computers, 20th Century Fox and many more.. 

What we do:


We bring the real and authentic Brazilian Carnaval to weddings, birthday parties, small and corporate events all year long!

Performing on big stages or family homes with the most creative ideas to entertain your guests and make sure everyone have an unforgettable time..

We offer different costumes themes to match your event or to just tell a carnaval history like every Samba School in Rio does.

 Producing from small dance performances to big carnaval parades Marcela with the Samba And More team are ready to bring the Rio's Carnaval to your event!


We also offer the most beautiful belly dance performances, choreographed or solo.

Performers with customized routines, costumes and production to fit every type of event!

Bookings 310-303-1515









Honesty, respect and consistency are the keys to real success

Brazilian Carnaval Parade Show
Brazilian Entertainment _ Los Angeles
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